Mio — Me and Mine.
The next generation of mobile dating

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Mio is a decentralized Dating App and Token.

Users can show their real “me” through video selfies, “mine” tokens by creating their profiles and for activities like voting and must only pay-as-you-go for chat and additional services while fully staying in control of their data — my data is mine!

Dating Going Mainstream

Online dating has gained enormous popularity among aspiring lovers of all ages. Once a fringe and stigmatized activity, it has evolved to be a hip and widely acceptable alternative to meet people with record numbers of singles tapping into this opportunity.

Overshadowed Experience

Fake profiles, non-transparent subscription models, and a lack of data security due to centralized data management overshadow users' online dating experience. Yet, users are forced to buy-in to these unsatisfactory approaches as the current oligopolistic marketplace offers no adequate alternative.

Mio's Avenue

Fresh and modern mobile dating features, a fair and transparent pricing model with the #MIO token, and decentralized data management to ensure data protection and privacy. With Mio, users are no longer obligated to pay twice - once with their money and a second time with their data - but they can trust, participate and enjoy.
How does it work
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Amazing Features and User Benefits.

Data Sovereignty

Nothing to store, nothing to hack. Stay in control of your data with decentralized data storage.

Secure Messaging

It's all between you and me. Enjoy private and confidential communication through end-to-end encryption.

Video Selfies

A video says more than a thousand words. Discover authentic people and less fakes with short Mio-Clips.

Token & Wallet

Lucky in love, happy with #MIO tokens. Experience a transparent pay-as-you-use approach without any surprise fees.

Achieving Data Sovereignty and Secure Messaging.

Inter Planetary File System (IPFS)

Content-addressed file system preventing fake or modified data which also allows for more efficient content delivery than today's centralized internet.

The Onion Router (TOR)

Privacy-preserving dark messaging systems prevent anyone (even your internet service provider) from figuring out who you're talking to or what services you're using.

An Ecosystem and Token Cycle that puts the user at the centre.

Imagine this Story.

Noemi and Philip – both singles, both sick and tired of being alone, both looking for love, but both running out of ideas for where to find Mr./Mrs. Right? At work, at the gym, and through friends has not worked out so far. So disappointing! So, what next? Mio – the online alternative. Modern functionalities, exciting pay-as-you-use concept with the #MIO token and data sovereignty! Ok, let’s try it…

Our two love seekers download Mio. They register, automatically get a certain amount of tokens in their wallet, record their video selfies and immediately start swiping. Oh, so much fun! After a little while, Noemi finds someone interesting. They match, but after chatting for a bit, Noemi realizes that this contact gives her an uneasy feeling. Thankfully, Mio has the option to revoke personal data, and so Noemi deletes this contact, a very comforting experience! Noemi goes on swiping and chatting, detects some spam accounts and gets rewarded for doing so. She even has some brilliant ideas for new functionalities and better user experience – and gets rewarded again. She really likes earning #MIO tokens and the possibility of being more than a user…

Finally, Noemi and Philip match. They are both still amazed at how much more a video selfie can reveal about a person compared to a picture. Both are really excited. They start chatting and use the tokens earned through their activity. So easy and convenient with rigorous data security and no obligations. Noemi and Philip decide to meet offline – and guess what, now they are a happy couple. Loneliness ended, and togetherness started. What's even better, is that both are now confident with cryptocurrencies and their functionality and at the same time do not have to worry about their data. Noemi and Philipp recommend the Mio dApp to their friends and get rewarded with tokens again. Being a couple, they delete all their data and profiles. Noemi sells her remaining tokens, happy to not being trapped in an unfair subscription model. Philip knows that his friend Marc has been looking for a girlfriend for quite some time now, which is why he transfers the remainder of his tokens to Marc, thereby giving him a swift start on the platform.

Lucky in love, lucky at cards (token), lucky at privacy – a win-win-win situation.

Executives & Founders

Ralph Piater-Frankenfeld
Jürgen Lankat
Adrian Marcu
André Wolke
Dr. Sebastian Bürgel
Christian Zulliger